What makes it different?
Safrootics is a new game that combines and implements two interesting models, a “free-to-play” and “play-and-earn” models (F2P&E: Free to play and earn). The combination of these models removes the barrier to entry for players as it’s completely free to play, while also giving players ownership rights over all in-game items and incentivizing players with rewards and tokens as they play and progress through the game. Safrootics has a hybrid model that combines the best of "web2" and "web3" gaming models, players who are not familiar with blockchain and crypto can expect everything from a traditional web2 game, the game can be enjoyed without even a crypto wallet.​​
Easy! by making a very fun and enjoyable game built with quality and fun lore as a priority, the team is confident that Safrootics has been developed to appeal to everyone, people can choose to spend game tokens to speed things up and reroll certain stat points, in addition to the earnings from the NFT marketplace and integrating on demand ads, the game is designed to be sustainable.
Safrootics is also made to be very accessible and can be enjoyed on mobile phones and PC.
The game core is to make players fall in love with their Tics, every mechanic and system in the game is built to strengthen this core, part of the game philosophy is to make a game that is accessible to everyone without the need to make an initial investment or any kind of investment, and most Tics or item can be obtained in the game with enough time and dedication.
However, exclusive tics, items and buffs will be made available for early supporters and investors in Safrootics that will not be obtainable in-game unless traded or sold in the marketplace.
A world you'll love to get lost in!
  • Encountering a battle with a rare Tic that I’ve been trying to hunt down for weeks.
  • Selling a Tic in the marketplace to earn.
  • Evolving a Tic into a potentially more powerful one.
  • Completing a quest to discover that the NPC gave you access to a whole new region in the map that has its own unique Tics.
  • Dropping a Gameplay!
  • Achieving high PVP arena ranking and getting the weekly rewards.