TING (Archived Outdated)

Powers the Play and Earn ecosystem
Disclaimer: All in game Tokens nature and details are subject to change while we continue the development process. Powers the play-and-earn model, players earn $TINGas rewards for ranking up, participating in battles and weekly leaderboard rewards.
In effort to keep positive pressure on the demand for $TING, a multitude of deflatory mechanics and measures have been developed as part of the core fabric of the game, where features for players to spend their $TINGin-game are designed to be more valuable than exchanging it for profits!
Players would be able to jump into the world of Safrootics without an initial investment from the first day, amongst a host of opportunities for earning Ting, players can earn Ting by ranking up, participating and winning in arena battles, searching and exploring the world, completing quests and much more.
Players would also spend (burn) their Ting in a magnitude of several functions that includes but not limited to, expanding inventory slots, speeding generation, adding +1 additional stat point per Tic level up, buy items and other Tics from NPCs and much much more!
How to obtain and spend TING
Drop from searching world objects.
Drop from mob battle (PVE).
Receive from player Rank up.
Quests rewards.
PVP arena weekly rewards.
Hunt rewards.
Tiny deep caves.
and much more!
Spend to expand various inventories.
Spend on refilling bar Spend to add +1 stat point to a Tic on level up.
Spend to evolve a Tic.
Spend to send your Tic on a hunt (In-game Staking).
Spend in in-game NPC market (Tics and items).
Spend to mint your max level Tic NFT.
and much more!
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