3. Founder's Badges

To reward those who believe in the game’s vision and the team’s efforts, NFT badges will provide exclusive perks and benefits in-game as well as a revenue share from income of Tics secondary market trades on game launch.
Perks will include faster
generation (30 mins to generate 1
default), what is
you ask? Well, it stands for Ability Points which is a timer based energy system that players consume to execute various actions in the game, like searching world objects, transitioning from area to another, fishing, digging, using teleportation contraptions and much more.
Other in-game benefits includes - but not limited to - extra Tic slots, extra equipment slots and a lot of other features, one of the team’s favorite perk is the exclusive Tic that will only be available to first badge buyers, said Tic will not be obtainable in-game.
Founder's Badges holders are in for a lot of surprises!

Founder's Badges comes in 3 tiers and price points, Here are some of the perks of minting a Founder's Badge

Silver Founder's Badge
Gold Founder's Badge
Ting Founder's Badge
25 mins
20 mins
15 mins
Early access
Closed Beta
Closed Beta
Exclusive Tic
+ On top of all that Founder's Badges holders will also get expanded Tics and inventory slots, bonus in-game currencies, bonus hunt (staking) rewards and much more!
* Founder's Badges revenue are discussed in more detail here
4.The Marketplace. **
regeneration default is 1
every 30 minutes.
Disclaimer: Safrootics is a free to play game, players are not required to have any initial investments to enjoy the game, Founder's Badges are only meant to help raise funds for the game's development and give access to the community and OG Safrootizens to be a real part of Safrootics and reward them accordingly.