How is it built?

With the rapid development of technology we believe that these are magical times, we started by implementing the generative Tic system that offer much value for player who are out to catch them, train them, then mint them into their own unique NFT, which also gives you a unique 1/1 profile picture to show off that Tic you just caught.
Additionally battling PVE mobs and searching the world offer you the chance to collect loot items NFTs, that serves a variety of functions, like equipment for your Tics, ingredients for crafting or bait to help you with the odds of encountering the right Tic you are after.
NFTs then can be minted and traded on your Safrootics dashboard and marketplace, to keep 99% of game features of-chain for an unprecedented seamless gameplay experience.
That was just an introduction with a lot more instore to be revealed within the coming weeks, and we cannot make this without you, so please join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.
On behalf of the team we are thankful for you joining us on this journey, we really want you to be part of this, and trust us you do too!