The team

Meet Alab Studio's team
Safrootics is developed by a new game studio based in Qatar called Alab Studio, Founded by Muhammad El-Fiky who is also the Creative Director and CEO of the company.
The team are the council of the development of Safrootics where every decision made is equally voted between the core team members whether it’s an in-game feature or hiring additional staff or anything in between.

Browse through the tabs below to know more about the team(s) behind every department

Emmanuel Obare - Blockchain Development Director Alab Studio
A true tech-demon, at the forefront of new & emerging technologies, experimented and executed ideas that take advantage of cutting edge developments in technology, hacking the blockchain is only the latest of his fascinations. Emmanuel is pushing the limits of possibilities leading the backend team into creating Safrootics innovative dashboard where all the blockchain transactions occur while maintaining data flow stream from and to the game.
Game Dev
Abdul Razzaq Ali - Game Development Director Alab studio
Abdul Razzaq Ali is an established Unity developer who has completed hundreds of games for mobile and PC, Razz is known for his incredible analytical mind, relentless bug slaying skills and optimizations on the job in hand, while maintaining high level of leadership, Razz is directing the game development team in Alab Studio.
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Diego J. Pinto - SFX & Music lead Alab Studio
Diego is professional music composer and sound designer. With experience and clients ranging from small independent projects to AAA game developers. Composing original music and creating the right sounds for any kind of function, Diego is behind the magical Audio in Safrootics including Sound effects and Background Music.
Working in the field of game development since 2020. He successfully developed and launched over 12 games, An expert in unity Game Engine and proficient in various programming languages including C#, JavaScript and C++. Saad is able to create captivating experiences for players. His problem-solving skills and commitment to delivering high-quality work make him a valuable team member. @iamsaadaamir Saad Aamir
Talha Maqsood - Backend Developer Alab Studio
Talha is our backend developer at Alab Studio, he's responsible for interpreting, implementing and bringing to life our software specifications for our backend application services. He's easy going and sees every challenge as an opportunity to grow.
Felix Bracher - Marketing & Relations Manager Alab Studio
Felix known as Gaspode is all about video games, he plays, reviews, streams and been involved in the web3 gaming space for some time now, Felix is responsible for all the studio's marketing efforts, collaborations and partnerships.
Faizan Sheikh - Community Manager Alab Studio
Faizan known to the community as Faizy is the heart of the team and the focal point of reference, he brings the community and the team closer together by managing expectations and directed the team to the communities desires, Faizy is a gentle - level headed - individual who is also much fun to be around, Faizy runs multiple events for the community on various social platforms.
Prescillia Dian A. - Discord Moderator Alab Studio
Prescillia aka JT within the community started out as a fan of Safrootics in the community, with her sweet and fun personality she was instantly chosen as part of the team, JT also is skilled in graphic design and story telling, and is championing Discord moderation.
Rejoice Okonkwo U. - Community Engagement Analyst Alab Studio
Rejoice known as Bigmuse within the community. A gamer who loves learning and making connections, a crypto and NFT enthusiast, Bigmuse is also a medical practitioner in training, and is working with the marketing social media teams.
Pixel Art
Jakub Antkowicz - Lead Pixel Artist Alab Studio
Obsessed with cats, Jakub or "Yacoub" is an incredible talent when it comes with working in Pixel art style on large canvases, Jakub uses a very special techniques in shading pixel art that results in this tasty nostalgic aesthetic we all fall in love with!
Nicole Nguyễn - Lead Animator Alab Studio
Nicole is an artist that when works on something becomes super cute, she is fierce in meeting deadlines and commitments, Nicole is responsible for all the Tics animations in Safrootics in addition to several other aspects of the game, exceeding expectations every time.
Muhammad El-Fiky - Founder / CEO / Creative Director Alab Studio
Muhammad has been a gamer since he can remember with a keen eye for detail, developed a fascination with video games, he is also an established businessman who has a couple of businesses in the field in Education Technology and security systems.
Muhammad believes video games are the ultimate form of art because it combines all forms of arts and adds interactivity and engagement to the mix.
He is the game designer behind Safrootics as well, which been in design since 2018.
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