1. Safrootics (Tics)

Safrootics are the main attraction they are what the game is about.
Players start off with one free Tic; these are not NFTs at the start. Players can nurture, increase stats points and grow their Tics up to that Tic’s level cap mostly level 20, and at this point that Tic can be minted as an NFT and sold in the marketplace. Players will also be able to purchase Tic NFTs on the marketplace, evolve them into rarer, stronger Tics and equip them for PVP battles.
There is the Magix system that makes every Tic in the game be countered and can counter the powers of other Tics, Magix are the elements their relations to other Magix can be described by the chart below.
Magix Chart
Each Tic comes with multiple artistic representation, a fully animated - pixel art - Tic sprite that is used in game for battle and more, and a unique profile picture for that Tic for players to use and show off that Tic they own.
All arts are work in progress and subject to change on game launch