A quick short intro to Safrootics lore
In the mystical world of Safrootica, exists a range of giant - titan like - creatures called Safrootics.. or Tics for short.
Tics have magical powers like Nature, water and fire... They ruled the lands and had everything they desired.
Other inhabitants of Safrootica, known as lesser creatures, lived in servitude to those Tics providing food, gold and all kinds of gifts.
And in return, the Tics shield and protect inhabitants of Safrootica and lesser creatures, from all kinds of danger.
On one fateful day - known now as the calamity - the skies over Safrootica flashed bright, then day turned into night and not a single Tic in sight!
All Tics seemed to have Vanished, and chaos began to spread. With no Tics to keep order and protect them from dangers ahead, Lesser creatures believed that they are all dead.
Until a tribe of lesser creatures known as the Vex, found out that Tics - infact - still exist.
To their amazement, the Tics just shrunk, so small they found one in a tiny hole on a tree trunk.
All lesser creatures races and tribes searching everywhere to find tiny Tics.
Some search, seeking glory.. some for power... some just wish to trade.. small fortunes to be made.
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