Executive Summary

A free to play and earn game on Android and PC developed by Alab Studio, a catch’em-all RPG game, where players start in a mysterious magical land that has mystical creatures called Safrootics - or Tics for short - scattered around, where every Tic is visually and stats wise unique, find and collect them, battle them against other players, grow them stronger, then sell them as NFTs in the marketplace or evolve them into a whole new and more powerful Tic and start over.
The game is created in pixel art style and in isometric perspective by our talented artists, inspired by how games were before the explosion of web 1.0, Safrootics is built on Polygon for its fast transaction speeds and almost non-existent gas fees making it the optimal choice.
  • Fun comes first and everything else comes after.
  • Zero investment barrier, the game is free to play (and earn).
  • Sound and sustainable tokenomics.
  • Help onboard Web 2.0 gamers and make a fun enjoyable blockchain game accessible even without a wallet.
  • 90% of gameplay is off-chain, on chain features are mostly on the website, to ensure hassle free gaming experience.
  • Every Tic comes with it’s own unique profile picture the 10k kind.
  • Each Tic’s visuals, stats and growth are unique.
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