Featured gameplay highlights
All arts are work in progress and subject to change on game launch
Capture visually and stat-wise random unique Tics. Players set in an open world searching using their various equipment for a chance to encounter a wild Tic, if defeated in battle the player keeps the Tic in their orb , every Tic in the game will look unique and will gain stats as per their growth rate randomly to ensure that uniqueness. Tics encounters are determined by multiple factors like what day it is, what time of the day, and where in the map the player is searching, in addition to if the player is using the appropriate bait or not.
All arts are work in progress and subject to change on game launch
Take your Tics to battle and do quests to gain and level up. Tics need experience points to level up and grow stronger, on level up each Tic in game gains stats proportional to that stat growth rate to ensure that your Tic will always be unique, keeping your Tic’s amity meter optimal also grants that Tic a powerful buff for battle, PVP arena rewards players on a weekly basis with TING (Archived Outdated) according to their rankings. Leveling up your Tics unlocks skills for the player to choose from making them even more powerful.
Unlock new areas with more Tics to capture. The land of Safrootica is vast, however, it’s not easy to get access to all of it’s areas. Players will need to complete quests, find the right key items, get their Tics stronger and sometimes just talk their way through blocked paths to access whole new areas with different Tics species to capture and make their own.
Mint your Tic or evolve it. Once a Tic reaches level cap, the player can mint it into a NFT and list it for sale in the marketplace, players also can buy a Tic from the market. Tics that are at max level can be evolved into a new and potentially more powerful Tic at level 1.
Realtime and date. Safrootics comes with a 12 hours day and night cycle which is visually reflected in the game, and serves the Tic encounter probability schedules, the reason of a 12 hours day/night cycle is to make sure that wherever players are located in the world they can still play during ingame day and night!
PVP Arena and weekly rewards. Here players test their Tics strength against other players for weekly rewards, like Ting, exclusive Tics and much more, this is achieved by a very thoughtful match making process that takes into consideration players’ rank, Tic levels and number of equipped Tics .
Clans. Players can create/join a clan if their lesser creature is of the same race, clans receive flags from the PVP arena to grow stronger and apply clan wide buffs.
Tiny deep caves. Deep Caves are Tic PVE activity, where player character can use their Tics to enter Deep Caves for nice and exclusive rewards. Deep Caves are made of Levels, each level can be completed by only one Tic , however once a level is completed that Tic will not proceed to the next level of the cave, the player will have to choose another Tic for the next level, and so on.