Version 0.14a - September 2022
"Close your eyes and imagine a pixel art world with delicious animation. In isometric perspective, done by a talented team collective.
Imagine this world having tiny little creatures scattered around, different species, powers, visuals, just waiting to be found.
Imagine finding one after trying for weeks, keeping it, feeding it, growing it, or becoming a legend in PVP.
Imagine finding a rare one, and making that trade for a small fortune, or choose to evolve it, it’s really up to you.
Join the world of the Safrootics, search for Tics, earn $Ting and many things.
Grow your Tics strong, build bonds with them, battle them against others for Glory and rewards.
There is a lot to explore in this magnificent pixelated world, and if you want to know more follow us on Twitter and join our Discord."
Last modified 1yr ago